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3rd Annual King Invitational and Spanish Mackerel Tournament

Hugo Martinez
Rodney Jones

Congratulations to our winners:

Hugo Martinez – 19.1 lb King

Orlando Silva – 18.1 lb King

Rodney Jones – 3.4 lb Spanish

Derrick Fishel – 3.0 lb Spanish

Courtney Ferrel – 2.6 lb Spanish


King Mackerel $50 entry fee –  fish one day either Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

Spanish Mackerel is a 3-day tournament.  $20 entry fee.  The entry fee could be paid day of the tournament

Prize money King Mackerel (prize money based on 40 entries):

1st Place = $1000                     Gaff Man = $50

2nd Place = $500                      Gaff Man = $50

3rd Place = $350                      Gaff Man = $50

Prize money Spanish Mackerel:

1st Place = 50%

2nd Place = 30%

3rd Place = 20%

The 3-man rules committee and weigh master will have all final decisions in case there is a dispute.

Violation of the tournament rules will subject the angler to disqualification from the entire tournament which are registered without refund.

Entry fee must be paid no later than October 1st or your spot in the tournament will no longer be secured and if there is a waiting list it will be offered to another angler.

The 3-man committee will pull names to fish Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  You are welcome to participate.  We will be posting this information on the JMP Friends FB page that evening.  Trading fishing days is allowed; however, we need to be notified.

The “T” will be closed beyond the NOAA station (bench) to anyone not fishing in the King Mackerel tournament.

Those participating in the Spanish Mackerel tournament will be allowed to fish up to the rope separating the King Mackerel anglers on the “T.”

The King Mackerel tournament is for bait “pin rigging” only.  No artificial baits or snobbling allowed.

Spanish Mackerel caught on King Mackerel “pin rig” will NOT be eligible for the Spanish tournament.

Only one “fighting” rod/reel is allowed per angler for both the King and Spanish Mackerel tournaments.

Fishing for Spanish Mackerel could be done with live or artificial bait.

Drawing for fishing position(s) and reading of the rules will be at 6:15am promptly.

Pier carts must be positioned behind the bench.

Bait bags must be positioned from the bench on back towards the pier house.  No one is allowed to access another angler’s bait bag unless authorized by the owner. Violators will be disqualified from the tournament.

We will start casting anchor rods at 7:00am from the north and south corner simultaneously.  You must be prepared to cast so we can get everyone set prior to 7:30am.  I would suggest you don’t place boards until the anchor rods are set.

Competition start at 7:30am. 

Bait out of the water by 6:00pm.  “IF” a fish is being fought prior to 6:00pm and landed after 6:00pm that will count as a catch and eligible to be weighted in.

Largest King Mackerel will win 1st place.  In case of a tie there will be a drawing to determine the 1st place winner (this applies to a tie for 2nd & 3rd as well).  The other angler/fish will be awarded the next lower place.

Largest Spanish Mackerel will win 1st place.  In case of a tie the fish caught first will be awarded 1st place.  The second fish caught will be awarded 2nd place.  This applies to 2nd & 3rd place as well.

Any angler participating in the tournament can cast an anchor rod for another angler.

Bait can be supplied by anyone; it’s not limited to tournament participants only.

Angler can only win one award (Place) in the tournament they’re participating.  Gaff man could win 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards.

When a fish is hooked the angler can name up to – 2 gaff men.  The man gaffing the fish will be awarded $50 for their effort.

If an angler needs to leave the “T” for any given reason they must name a designate to tend to their rod in case a fish is hooked and get back to their rod within 5 minutes.  This applies to King Mackerel only and anglers fishing their assigned date.

If a fish is hooked the other anglers (except the assigned gaff man) must tend to their rods.  Greiges violation may result in disqualification.

In the event that not all 40 placements are filled, the prize money will be allocated proportionately.

In the event no fish are caught during the tournament the entry fee will be refunded.

If there are less than 3 fish caught in the Spanish or King tournament there will be a drawing for the remaining awards.

Awards will be given on Sunday immediately after the tournament has been declared closed. 

Please call the pier to be added to the wait list for the King Invitational 910-256-2743