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Annual Dog Fish Tournament

February 3, 2024

2024 Johnnie Mercer’s Pier Dogfish Classic

Unfortunately, no Dogfish were caught during the tournament.  However, a great time was still had by all, with a few other fish being caught.  1st place – Zachery Schultz, 2nd place – Kelly Peavy, 3rd place – Ryder Harmel.  Each winner took home a nice cash prize and an annual JMP fishing pass.  Tara Hart made some amazing chilli to help keep us warm, and we even had a deviled egg contest.  The crown for the best deviled eggs goes to Laura Mathis.  Never had deviled eggs with shrimp on them, and they were delicious!  The JMP family also had the honor of recognizing a great fisherman, and one of the original Dogfish Classic founders, Rick Britt, who passed away earlier.  Each button had a RB sticker on it and a memorial was set up so fellow friends and anglers could share their condolences.  The signed photo was then presented to his wife, Tina.  A raffle was held to close out the evening with some great prizes up for grabs….custom fishing rod, crusier beach bike, blow up paddleboard, fish cart, and more.  

Look forward to seeing everyone for our 2025 Dogfish Classic.