Dog Fish Tournament 2

Annual Dog Fish Tournament 


Mark your caledars for Saturday, January 25th

Annual Dog Fish Tournament

Saturday January 25, 2020 / 1:00 PM – 8:00 PM

Girl Scout Cookies will be for sale again this year

Tournament Rules

• The tournament is 1pm to 8pm. If no fish are caught there will be a 30-minute overtime period where the first fish decked is the winner, 2nd fish decked is second place and 3rd fish decked is third place (regardless of size).

• If no dogfish are caught any other fish caught can be entered. Example: if 3 Blowfish are caught and no dogfish they will be declared the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place winner based on the tournament rules as specified in this correspondence.

• The maximum length fishing rod allowed in the tournament is TEN foot.

• Over hand casting only, no side to side casting.

• There is an $8.00 per/rod cost paid to Johnny Mercers Pier.

• There is a $5.00 tournament entry fee per/rod cost that will be paid out to the biggest 3 fish at 50/30/20 percent.

• You can only fish one rod at a time. You may enter more than one rod in the tournament to switch rods, but you can only fish one rod at a time.

• You will be issued one PIN regardless of how many rods you enter into the tournament. That PIN must be transferred to the rod you are fishing.

• No saving of spaces for anglers/people that aren’t present. First come first serve basis.

• The angler has to be on the pier and in control of their rod for a fish to be counted in the tournament.

• The angler can only have one winning fish. Example: if you catch the 3 largest fish only the biggest will count.

• If there is a tie, whoever weighed the first fish get the top spot.

• In the event of no fish being caught the money will be paid out by raffle of all the anglers that remain until the end of the tournament.

• Keep chairs, coolers, pier carts, etc…… away from the rails of the pier.

• All other prizes will be raffled to the remaining anglers upon the tournament ending.

• No outside alcohol is to be brought onto the pier as per NC State Law. Coolers, backpacks, tackle boxes, etc…. will be checked. Violation of this State Law will result in a dismissal from the tournament and pier.

Remember This Is A Fun Tournament, Let’s Have Fun!  







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